A couple of weeks ago I sat down with my old college buddy Jacob McCourt, host of “No Coaster Needed,” a podcast highlighting people with interesting stories connected to the Rose City— Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Jacob and I go way back; we first met “au Bois de Muskoka” during a leadership camp our high schools were participants in at the renowned  Muskoka Woods Camp, just north of Gravenhurst, Ontario. Jacob and I went to rival French Catholic high schools in the Windsor region. We later reconnected at the Odette School of Business as we were both pursuing undergraduate degrees in business administration. My most prized memory of Jacob was the time that the two of us rose to the occasion, and taught a case study in our new venture formation course after our professor— who will go unnamed— walked out of class in frustration. I still have the picture to prove it.

As you can see, Jacob has never been afraid to be out in front; this trait has shaped Jacob into a talented media personality.  He has a real gift for being able to walk you through your life and hone in on the moments that are most meaningful and transformative.

I must say that sitting down with Jacob for about an hour was almost therapeutic. Being interviewed for this podcast helped me connect some dots and see some patterns (circles) in my own professional and personal development.

It also brought forward a precise moment in my career that changed “my why” into “my must,” a moment that was so visceral, it has shaped everything that I have done, everything that I am doing, and everything that I will do.

Listen Here – No Coaster Needed – Episode 4: Zain Ismail (Senior Consultant, Henry Ford Health Systems, Bringing a Hospitable Heart to Health Care)

I hope you will take some time to listen to the stories Jacob has curated for you. For those of you are connected to Windsor, I am sure you will hear some familiar voices, and be surprised by some of the stories they tell.


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