What is Karetech Medical Devices Inc?

KAREtech Medical Devices Inc. (KMD) is a technology based organization comprised of experienced business and automotive professionals. KMD IS dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through the use of technology. Our medical devices are designed to be safer and less labor intensive for the caregiver, while maintaining the dignity and independence of the patient.

KAREtech’s objective is to design and develop a multi-functional integrated specialty bed and indoor mobile wheelchair to ease patient transfers and improve their mobility. Encouraging and maintaining the independence of the patient while minimizing the risk of injury to the patient and caregiver is of paramount importance to KAREtech.

What is the Integrated Healthcare Platform™?

Artist Rendering, Integrated Healthcare Platform

Artist Rendering, Integrated Healthcare Platform

Currently there is no commercialized product in the market that addresses patient immobility within a single bed-chair system. To design a universal, multi-functional, integrated specialty bed and indoor wheelchair. KAREtech is developing a “SMART” indoor electro-mechanical robotic system, known as the Integrated Healthcare Platform™ or “iHP”. The iHP has uniquely packaged several proven transportation technologies with a commercial adjustable bed and an automated indoor wheelchair.






Zain’s role in this project

  • Act as business development lead, bringing contacts and opportunities to the table to advance the project.
  • Advisor to the CEO on innovation strategy, stakeholder relations, branding, and public affairs.
  • Serves as spokesperson for the project when needed.

Learn more at  http://www.karetechmedicaldevices.com/

What is the Moment App?

The Moment App is a mobile application designed by youth for youth that allows youth with mental health challenges to communication their mental health history at the point of care. The idea for the app came as a result of collaboration between Leamington District Secondary School and Leamington District Memorial Hospital as both organization were looking for better ways to serve local students within the emergency department. After conducting some consumer feedback, it was determined that on a largest challenges students/ youth face when interacting with the emergency department is having to tell their story over and over again to various stakeholders within their circle of care. Thus, the Moment App was created to facilitated this process and make it easier for it’s users to communicate.

What was Zain’s role in this project?

  • Served as project and team lead; won “best student team from Canada” at Hacking Health Windsor Detroit 2015
  • Coached and mentored high school students.
  • Built relationships with clinical experts and stakeholder within the Greater Essex County District School Board to support the project and provide guidance.

Project Status

  • The project has been currently put on hiatus due to a lack of funding, however the tool does exists as a web app.

Coming Soon